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Proprietary Strategies

When designing a portfolio, we consider various strategies depending on the client’s risk threshold, time horizon and personal financial objectives. These components affect the composition of the asset allocation. Portfolios are designed to frame investing toward a specific outcome. This is after complete fundamental and technical analysis have been performed. 

Many of the investment strategies discussed herein are unique to OCM. If you have any questions regarding the technicality of the below strategies, please contact an Investment Advisor Representative today.

Smart Beta Strategies

Following the substantial loss incurred via large cap and growth stocks during the 2000-2002 bear market, investors have sought to diminish portfolio volatility and protect their principle from loss. Again, in 2008, the desire to integrate an exit strategy into investor portfolios became more pronounced. This is why OCM insists on using the top money managers who employ exit strategies, as well as OCM proprietary proven management. 

Stock Options Strategy

Our Options Trading Program is operated in-house, using a professional trading team to manage client assets with discretion. OCM's option program originates from an active management style developed by Ted Friel III, a former options specialist who formerly worked on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and is listed on Bloomberg Businessweek.

Our strategy integrates both fundamental factor and implied volatility based investment strategies to capture profit throughout both short and long-term time horizons. This specialty program is for qualified investors and not for everyone as it involves substantial risk. 

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